The Fast Way to Pre-Screen Remotely Powered by Artificial Intelligence!!


Helping Doctors Diagnose COVID-19 Remotely…Helping Employees Bring Workers Back SAFELY

A virtual triage POWERED by AI (Artificial Intelligence), convenient, efficient, mitigates exposure risks and reduces face to face screening time by a physician. 

  • Pre-screening is completed from home without visiting the doctor. 
  • Unlimited number of screenings at a time.
  • Artificial Intelligence conducts the interview, generates a report, prioritizing those at highest risk.
  • Wellness screening tool supporting Covid-19 recovery efforts. 

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Helping Countries Reopen Safely

MediScreen Is Available Globally Serving

  • Governments
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Health Services 
  • Residential homes 
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Corporations
  • Airlines 
  • Cruise Lines
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  •  Theme parks 
  • Sporting Events 

Check Symptoms, Verify Results & Automated Reporting

Physicians get instant insights into patient symptoms, review their video responses and prioritize cases for face to face testing.

Improving Efficiency and safety

Human Review

Patient profiles are shared for review with doctors and professional healthcare providers for opinions.

Instant Insights 

Doctors can access patient profiles as soon as the video is completed to summarize self-reported symptoms.

Evaluation Of Next Steps

Enables a quick evaluation and determination of the next steps, including possible telemedicine follow up. 

Immediately Available 

Waste no time. Begin remote, one-way patient video screening today.


  • Remote one-way video pre-screening service for anyone over 18 years old
  • Multi-Tiered approach to getting employees safely back to work
  • Temperature evaluation
  • Review by doctor
  • Access to testing
  • Available worldwide


  • A smart phone or computer
  • Internet connection
  • A thermometer (ideal but not mandatory)
  • An employer, doctor or healthcare professional simply shares a private secure link to the pre-screening platform 
  • Simply answer the questions of your virtual healthcare assistant for review by a medical professional


  • Not limited by “business hours”
  • Screen thousands of people at one time
  •  A virtual “Waiting Room”
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically creates a list of employees who are well and can return to work 
  •  Customizable to manage and pre-screen for any number of health and medical conditions  


AI-Powered Video Pre-Screening of Patients To Help Determine Their Treatment Needs Remotely.

Validated and Approved by doctors

Helping doctors Overcome the time challenge

“Amazing, I think this will be great. people can just register on the computer from home and we can sit in the office and start multiple assessments.

Dr Atwal – California USA

Integrate With Telemedicine

How Is MediScreen Different?

MediScreen is a scalable pre-screening tool freeing up valuable resources.

Most telemedicine is a two way process and is time consuming.

MediScreen enables prescreening 1000’s of people. 

Flags those at high risk to help doctors prioritize those in most need of care.

Safe, Secure, Compliant

We take data protection and data privacy very seriously. The application is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. We also support data sovereignty.


Quick Setup and Fully Customizable 

Create a virtual triage, video interview in under 5 minutes. Review cases from any device

Quick Setup

Create your own patient screening interviews to assess the symptoms that matter to you.

Cross Device

Patients can complete the interview from any device. Android, IOS and desktop.


Fully deployed on Microsoft Azure and ready to plug and play. 

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