7 Steps to a Successful Weight Loss Program

Almost 98% of all “fad” diets fail within the first two years. Go to a local bookstore and you’ll see hundreds of books claiming the latest way to “permanently” lose weight. Watch the television shows famous doctors host that describe the “newest” fads in weight loss – but have only been tested on a small series of mice, not humans. See the ads for lap-band surgery to lose weight, only to fail because they continue to eat. What’s common about all of these? None of them approach weight loss with the long-term goal of keeping the weight off once you lose it. In addition, most of them are expensive to follow.
Successful weight loss requires a systematic approach to reprogram your body for keeping the weight off while continuing to give your body the nutrient building blocks that are necessary to renewal and repair. For weight to remain constant the energy balance in your body needs to be the same every day – the calories you consume must equal the calories you use. The average adult may only require 1500 to 2000 calories per day for optimal weight, while an Olympic swimmer, like Michael Phelps, may require 20,000 calories per day to accomplish the same goal.
Our bodies need constant energy for all the voluntary and involuntary activities we perform. We get this energy by converting “food energy” into “body energy.” What this means is that nutrients in our food (“food energy”) are converted to energy in our bodies (“body energy”) that can be cycled throughout our bodies to do work. Most of the energy our bodies use is for our Basal Metabolic Needs – those needs that we do at rest. Additional energy is needed when we exercise, work and even read. Our bodies need constant energy for our voluntary and involuntary activities. We provide fuel to our bodies in the form of the nutrients we eat. There are only three (3) energy-containing nutrients that we consume: carbohydrates (primary fuel), fat (efficient storage fuel) and protein (back-up fuel source). Carbohydrates and proteins provide 4 kcal/g of energy (a kcal is a unit of energy), while fats provide 9 kcal/g. Alcohol provides 7 kcal/g, but does not supply any nutrients that the body can use. In fact, consuming large quantities of alcohol may also diminish the amount of real nutrients our bodies require.
When we achieve a balance between our intake of “food energy” and our output of “body work energy,” we can maintain life and health while our weight remains relatively constant. States of being underweight or overweight reflect on our degree of “body energy” imbalance. In other words, our bodies’ energy balance depends on energy intake in relation to energy output. There are three nutrients we eat that are responsible for our energy intake. They are:

  • Carbohydrates – these are stored in our hearts, liver and muscles as glycogen, which is derived from the glucose we obtain from the digestion of carbs
  • Fats – these are stored in our adipose tissue as fats are a very efficient way to store energy for future use
  • Proteins – these are stored in our muscles and can be used as another source of “body energy” when the carbohydrate and fat stores are used up

When food is not available for energy, stored energy is used in the form of glycogen, fat or tissue protein. So what actually happens when we store energy as fat? Our bodies actually don’t have on and off switches for energy storage. A better way of looking at it is to consider that in times of plenty, our bodies store excess energy as fat (efficient storage form) in case at some point we need it to supplement energy when our “food energy” intake is not sufficient to maintain ideal weight. When we fast or try to lose weight by greatly reducing our “food energy” intake (reduce what we eat), our bodies will store some of the energy we eat for future use in case this calorie reduction lasts a long time. In other words, we have an on and on switch instead of on and off. In addition, when we routinely consume more calories than we need, we become resistant to our natural feedback mechanism that tells us we’ve eaten enough. You see, our appetite-hunger control is like the thermostat in our homes – when the temperature is set to the desired temperature (call the set-point), the furnace is off. When the temperature falls below the set-point, the furnace comes on to raise the temperature until that set-point is reached again. When we consume too many calories, we raise our set-points higher and our bodies continue to consume excess calories and store the “body energy” as fat.

So How Do We Reset Our Metabolism Set-Points?

Step 1 – Start With SlenderiixTM/Xceler8 Drops

Slenderiiz Weight Loss
Slenderiiz Weight Loss

Recently, a new, homeopathic, doctor-formulated and -approved supplement was released for weight loss management. The SlenderiixTM drops have 10 homeopathic ingredients in it for weight loss. A homeopathic product or supplement is regulated by the United States Federal Drug Administration (USFDA). This regulation covers the manufacture, storage and distribution of the products. Of the 10 ingredients in the SlenderiixTM, five help us burn fat, three help prevent fat absorption and two help increase our metabolism. The drops are placed under the tongue 10 minutes before your three meals a day. The Xceler8 drops are also placed under the tongue 10 minutes before eating breakfast and lunch only. The homeopathic ingredients as well as the vitamin B12 help increase our metabolism so we can burn some of our fat stores while we consume 1250 calories of nutrient-rich healthy food.
The small clinical trial that was done showed that consumers lost an average of 15 to 17 pounds in 28 days without exercise. If you do exercise, it may be possible to lose up to a pound per day safely. There were no side effects during the study.

Step 2 – Replace One Meal with pureNourishTM Each Day

Another new, weight loss supplement that recently was released is pureNourishTM. This supplement is a combination of vitamins (19), minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fiber (20% of the daily requirement). In addition, pureNourishTM contains probiotics to help support healthy gastrointestinal function. The beneficial enzymes (papain from pineapple and betaine from papaya) help break down protein into the component amino acids for easier digestion. This supplement is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free as well as being free of any artificial flavors or colors.
When pureNourishTM is added to almond milk or coconut milk, it acts as a complete meal replacement. It can be done once or twice a day and is included in the 1250 calorie a day meal plan. When added to the SlenderiixTM/Xceler8 drops, the low-glycemic pureNourishTM shake helps you maintain a steady blood sugar which allows you to succeed with this weight loss program.

Step 3 – Add RejuveniixTM to Your Weight Loss Program

RejuveniixTM is a nutritional supplement which is high in anti-oxidants from a mixture of some of the best “super fruits” in the world. These include Acai berry, Mangosteen, Noni, Goji, Maqui and Seabuck Thorn. There is also natural caffeine from green coffee bean extract and kava-kava which helps your body relax. In addition, the amino acid L-Theonine is added to also assist with relaxation. When RejuveniixTM was added to the clinical trial, there was an additional weight loss of 17% on average.

Step 4 – Add OptimalsTM to Your Diet

When you begin to lose fat with the SlenderiizTM system, there may be serious consequences. In addition to being an efficient method to store energy, fat also stores any toxins we ingest, any hormones we make and the fat-soluble vitamins we need (vitamins A, D, E and K). So by burning fat, we release into our bodies all of these things we once stored. The fat soluble vitamins are very important and need to be replaced. In addition, the other vitamins (which are water-soluble) need to be present to help us burn our energy stores more efficiently. OptimalsTM are a superior source of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to efficiently burn our energy fuels. Besides supplying the vitamins and minerals, OptimalsTM also provides excellent ant-oxidants to help protect the body from oxidative stress.

Step 5 – Detox with RestoriixTM

Restoriix - Detox in a bottle
Restoriix – Detox in a bottle

When we lose fat with a good weight loss system, we also lose from your fat stores all the toxins we have stored over time. So these toxins (pharmaceutical drugs, by-products from smoking, toxins from your water supply, pollutants in the air, etc.) are released into our bodies from our fat stores as these stores are burned. So it’s important to detox to cleanse the body of these toxins so we don’t have free-radical damage from the toxins. This can cause a number of disorders and accelerate our aging. RestoriixTM is a nutritional supplement which contains a number of ingredients that allow our bodies to naturally detox from toxins. Some of the ingredients are identical to those used in Europe by Dietrich Kleinhardt, MD, PhD for his detox regimen. RestoriixTM contains a number of excellent ingredients that have been shown to effectively detox. The first one is Zeolite. Zeolite is a volcanic substance that traps unwanted materials, such as free radicals which cause damage to our cells, like a magnet. It helps to maintain balanced pH levels and helps boost healthy alkalinity for our cells. This allows our cells to higher oxygen levels so they can more efficiently utilize glucose for energy. This in turn can support our natural defenses.
The second ingredient is Chlorella. Chlorella supports our immune function. It also allows us to digest food more efficiently for energy. It also supports normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
The third ingredient is activated charcoal derived from the Willow Tree Bark. This activated charcoal binds and carries away thousands of times its weight in toxins. This makes RestoriixTM a very effective detoxifier.
The fourth ingredient is Chlorophyllin. The addition of Chlorophyllin to RestoriixTM lets this supplement help build new blood cells and like some of the other ingredients, Chlorophyllin acts as a purifying agent.
The last major ingredient is ginger. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant and also alleviates gastrointestinal distress.
Omega-Q - The benefit of omega 3's and CoQ10
Omega-Q – The benefit of omega 3’s and CoQ10

Step 6 – Add Essential Fatty Acids and CoQ-10 to Your Weight Loss Program

This nutritional supplement (Omega-QTM) is very important as it combines two different ingredients that are very important to our health. The first is the essential fatty acids – the Omega-3s. These are very important as the essential fatty acids cannot be made by our bodies – we must ingest them. The standard American diet has more of the Omega-6 essential fatty acids in it and this leads the body to be more pro-inflammatory. The Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory. A number of physicians and healthcare personnel now believe that disease occurs when our bodies are pro-inflammatory. In addition to this, there are numerous scientific studies that show the when Omega-3s are added to the diet so that the ratio of Omega-6s to Omega-3s is closer to a 2 to 1 ratio instead of the usual 30 to 1 ratio, our health is better because our bodies are anti-inflammatory. The Omega-3s are also important to support good eyesight, good skin, good joint health and memory.
The second part of this supplement is the Co-Q10. The form that is used in this supplement is the more active, ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is important in the production of energy for our cells to use. Without it, our cells cannot efficiently make all of the energy possible from the carbohydrates we ingest. In addition, if our cholesterol level is too high and our doctors put us on a statin to reduce the cholesterol level, we cannot make Co-Q10 because the statin drug also blocks the production of Co-Q10 since the same pathway is used to make cholesterol. As we burn fat for energy, it’s converted to carbohydrates so we can make our “body energy.”

Step 7 – Drink Purified Water

Puritii Water Filtration System
Puritii Water Filtration System

This really isn’t the last step as it can be done anywhere in your weight loss journey. Remember, this really isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change. The best water to drink is one where you do not have to worry about any biological material (like bacteria, viruses, protozoa or parasites) in it, or pharmaceutical drugs, or jet fuel, or toxins like pesticides, lawn treatment chemicals or added chlorine and fluoride. These are all dangerous to our health and are present in our tap water or bottled water that we buy. Twenty percent of the US population drinks polluted water. Every state in the US has had a municipal water supply fined for unsafe water. The PuritiiTM Water Filtration System will filter almost the equivalent of 400 – 16.9oz plastic bottles of water to a purity of 99.9999% for bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites, pharmaceutical drugs, radioactive material, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, chlorine and some of the fluoride. This means that virtually any water source can be used to give pure water that is good for our health. And there is no waste as we do not have to dispose of any empty plastic water bottles which were filled with chemicals, bacteria, toxins and pesticides since up to half of all bottled water comes straight from the tap (municipal water supply).
So consider this – when you are burning fat and losing weight, why drink water filled with the same pollutants that are being released from our fat stores. Help our bodies purify as we release these toxins from our fat stores.

Comparison of Costs of Various Popular Weight Loss Programs

There are many diets available for you to choose from in your weight loss program. Some of the more popular ones are presented to the right with their “hidden” costs included. As you can see, the cost per pound lost with the SlenderiizTM Weight Management Program is considerably lower per pound than the others. Another big difference is that with SlenderiizTM, the chances of regaining your weight is very low as seen in the clinical studies and follow-up with the participants. And when compared to the gastric band procedure, which costs, on an average of $14,000 in the US, the SlenderiizTM method works better in the long run.
The chart below compares the end results of the SlenderiizTM with the more popular diet programs that are available to choose from. For more information, refer back to the SlenderiizTM representative who referred you to this or go to ARIIX Internet Team for help.

Cost per pound lost comparison of some of the most popular weight loss systems
Cost per pound lost comparison of some of the most popular weight loss systems

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